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3/03/2015 8:36 am  #16

Re: Livistona saribus installed 2/26/15

Ben OK wrote:

They look great. You've got an awesome piece of property there. It looks like you'll have a nice palm canopy there in the future to shade your pool in the summer.

Thanks Ben.  Biggest problem with this place is keeping it together.  Its a beautiful house on a great piece of property, but the time and money required to keep it all going is one heck of a commitment.  We're giving it one more year and if the financial pain doesn't quit, we might sell and move on.  

Professional Horticulturist since 1985.  Grew up near St Louis, MO and never liked winter.  Still don't, even here in Central FL.  At least the palm palette is better!  Our garden Winter Haven is USDA Zone 9a/9b

3/04/2015 8:47 am  #17

Re: Livistona saribus installed 2/26/15

I tried a small one but I think my area is too cold for them.


3/07/2015 9:00 pm  #18

Re: Livistona saribus installed 2/26/15

Keith your pool is slowly disappearing behind your palms !! Great livistonas you have there.
I will be planting one this year but it is a baby compared to yours 😊
On posting pictures.....
I just posted a pic of camellias in a new thread. What I did is I went to the old forum, uploaded the pic there, clicked on the link then on "select all"... Then clicked on "copy"
I abandonned the old forum to login onto this one... Wrote my story...clicked and pasted the link...et voila not one single advertisement !
When Ian computer will work again, I hope he can find a way for us to pick up pictures straight from our computer.


1/06/2017 1:48 pm  #19

Re: Livistona saribus installed 2/26/15

Great Looking palms, how old are they?


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