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2/26/2015 2:27 am  #1

Forum Rules (long version)

Past issues have highlighted the necessity of establishing clear and consistent rules in greater detail than before.  However we will try to be as succinct as possible.  These rules are subject to change as we see what does and does not work going forward.


Participants agree upon signing up to be respectful to other users at all times.  This includes refraining from personal attacks, posting offensive content and useless bickering.

To use the "main" board you must create an account--just go ahead and register yourself.  For now, anyone can post to the other forums as a "guest" without creating an account.  IMPORTANT: Your profile should contain, at minimum, your first name and specific physical location (city and state, or city and country if outside the US).  Either or both of those can be part of your username; that is encouraged but not required.

Solicitations should be limited to once per month per user, and should be in good taste.  Participants are expected to abide by Boardhost's Terms of Service.

Moderation Standards

Moderator(s) reserve the right to move, modify or delete posts for the good of the board.  As before we try to keep this to a minimum (i.e. primarily when the rules are not kept).  Moderator(s) will not generally move on-topic posts from the main board to the other plant forums--so, for example, if you want to post something about eucalyptus on the main board because you want that particular audience to see it, that is fine and it will not be moved.

Moderator(s) may remove users who repeatedly cause trouble, which can include deleting accounts and blocking IP's if necessary.  This would be for not keeping the rules (as stated above) or overly frequent nonsense posts/replies or solicitations.  Enforcement will continue to be on a "three strikes, you're out" basis.  As before, warnings will be made publicly so no one is left in the dark.  Warnings will not necessarily be offered for all posts or replies that merit deletion.  In general, offensive content merits a warning while annoying bickering is just deleted.

Although it is not possible to make rules anticipating every situation, moderator(s) will endeavor to be as fair as possible and regulate content objectively, not singling out particular people.  We also pledge to be available if users have any concerns. In short we are not perfect but will try our best.

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