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3/22/2015 4:43 pm  #31

Re: Today's the day

DavidIsrael wrote:

Cindy what zone do you garden?
Thank you


z7b sometimes 8.  Piedmont of NC


3/22/2015 8:17 pm  #32

Re: Today's the day

Cindy NC wrote:

Serenoa vasc wrote:

Cindy NC wrote:

Hey Lisa!
What a pain keeping the bad guys at bay. Sometimes I feel like we are all better off going back to manual systems...except I forget how to do cursive writing. . I have done no gardening for a long time...nothing..no buying, planting, posting, or weeding (which is obvious when visiting my place). So, I am trying to get back into it, but now I have new roadblocks and am still working full-time. I finally can retire, but I will wait until we get all of the houses squared away.

How are your jubs doing? With your winters, they should grow well. They definitely grow during the winter albeit so slowly for me. Your garden must rival the bamboo gardens by now...and you have a warmer locale to zone push even more....not that you would ever consider that .

Hiya Cindy,

Jubaeas still look the same, small and hopeless LOL at least they are not dead. May be they are busy working underground.
I have taken these past days pictures of all the butias I planted since 2010. sorry could not post them here, too many pics, they are on the old forum...... if you want to look at them. Oh no, trust me, I am no bamboo garden at all, still have a lot to do. Wishing you a great week end.
I will have to pinpoint your new city on a map so may be when we go to NC I could come and see your jubaeas 

I live 25 min north of Big Bloomers...a quick jaunt.
I saw your Butia expo.  WOWSER!    You need to charge admission fees.   Great job LISA!

If some day I am in the vicinity Cindy I will let you know.
Now that you have seen all the butias, you need to check out the rest of the palms
Thanks Cindy !


1/06/2017 1:42 pm  #33

Re: Today's the day

I believe those are Butia Capatitas not Jub.


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