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3/14/2015 11:50 am  #1

Mt. Ginni Eucalyptus.........

Mt Ginni Eucalyptus from Cincy Frank seed.  It looks great after the winter from hell.  I have it inside a poly tube with a set of mini lights which provide 5F additional heat.  It's great to see it green after two -8F nights, two -7F nights and many more nights below 0F.  Thanks Frank!



3/14/2015 1:04 pm  #2

Re: Mt. Ginni Eucalyptus.........

Nice Euc Tim! I love the leaves, kind of reminds me of E. niphophila.


3/15/2015 8:35 am  #3

Re: Mt. Ginni Eucalyptus.........

Wow! That's really something!  That little tree survived temps below zero inside there?

Professional Horticulturist since 1985.  Grew up near St Louis, MO and never liked winter.  Still don't, even here in Central FL.  At least the palm palette is better!  Our garden Winter Haven is USDA Zone 9a/9b

3/15/2015 10:00 am  #4

Re: Mt. Ginni Eucalyptus.........

Hi Brain

I can't recall the species.  I have the data somewhere.  It's some form of snow gum.

Hi Keith

not sure of exact temps inside the tube but I did monitor a Yucca carnerosana in the same set up a couple years ago and it appeared to give an extra 5F of heat at night.  I'm surprised to see it green since we had so many cold nights.  It may be too tall to protect next winter so I may let it loose.

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3/16/2015 10:18 am  #5

Re: Mt. Ginni Eucalyptus.........

Tim ... That is Eucalyputs debeuzevillei- Jounama Snow Gum collected on Mt Ginnii ACT at 1745 m 
So glad your happy... I have some Fresh Seed on some more Snow Gums including the Coldest place offically in Australia... if interested we can make some sort of trade again ... let me know 

Thanks my friend 



4/03/2015 10:20 pm  #6

Re: Mt. Ginni Eucalyptus.........

I'll have to get one of those from you Frank!


4/04/2015 6:28 am  #7

Re: Mt. Ginni Eucalyptus.........

Rob I have a few plants ready to go to a loving home ... I will be down in Tennessee this month ... I have to go to 2 places.. Mary's Greenhouse and Randys ...   Here is a Picture of one ... to wet your appetite .. Just sowed the world's cold hardiest ones those wont be ready till late or next year ...  niphophila strains and lacrimans 




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