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3/15/2015 9:48 am  #1

Dypsis decipiens...the cold hardiest Dypsis.

Reportedly tolerant to temps into the low 20's, cold probably won't kill this one.  But summer, that's a different story.  I've placed it in the driest site we have up near the house.  Sweltering nights are probably the biggest risk.  But this one was born and raised in central fl so maybe it'll be OK.  Have any of you grown this one?


Last edited by Keith Winter Haven, FL (3/15/2015 9:50 am)

Professional Horticulturist since 1985.  Grew up near St Louis, MO and never liked winter.  Still don't, even here in Central FL.  At least the palm palette is better!  Our garden Winter Haven is USDA Zone 9a/9b

3/22/2015 1:03 pm  #2

Re: Dypsis decipiens...the cold hardiest Dypsis.

Looks great, good luck with it


3/23/2015 1:14 pm  #3

Re: Dypsis decipiens...the cold hardiest Dypsis.

Good luck with it! I think it will do well if it got to that size growing in Central Florida its entire life. Keep us updated on it, the summers in Central Florida are pretty brutal for plants that like a cool down.


1/06/2017 1:36 pm  #4

Re: Dypsis decipiens...the cold hardiest Dypsis.

Is this a  Butia Capitata ? Or Pindo Palm baby? I am new to palm trees, but I think I saw this one before. Sorry if I am wrong, but didn't see it in the post.


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