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3/15/2015 2:13 pm  #1

E. lacrimans.......

I checked my Eucalyptus lacrimans (Cincy Frank seed, thx!).  It survived fine in a wall-o-water.  It's rather small at 18" tall or so, so it was buried in snow for much of the winter but glad to see it survive with no supplemental heat.  This is a slow growing Euc......I hope it speeds up this season.  (it's already 2 seasons old and only 18" tall).  Note the new growth starting in the second photo.




3/15/2015 6:08 pm  #2

Re: E. lacrimans.......

good for it and good for you.  yes, this species is slow by euc standards for sure---have an 8 or 9 year old plant and it's no more than 6' tall at best----but it's starting to show the nice white/cream and brown mottled bark and it's actually a quite attractive but "miniature" tree.

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3/16/2015 10:31 am  #3

Re: E. lacrimans.......

Tim and George... mine are about 2 ft tall and 2 years old ... very slow the reddish stem form is less cold hardy than the odd yellowish forms,,, we had a historical low of minus 10 F covered in straw on the bottom 2/3rds top exposed but packed in the hard snow pack for weeks ... Red stem form has some damage to the leaves the yellow is almost spotless ...the yellow stem form came from the seeds from Heavens plain LO near Kiandra  the leaves are also thicker and even more slender ...Since to post a picture here I need a URL site ....  its so easy thru Tiny pic Hint Hint Here is my Facebook page there is a picture of Lacrimans after minus 10 F 



3/17/2015 2:26 am  #4

Re: E. lacrimans.......

Hi George

Your six footer sounds awesome. Did it ever see cold damage?  Any photos?

Hi Frank

I guess I'll be getting the paint out to cover the red stems! LOL. I hope mine takes off this season as it appears to have a bunch of growth points starting.  It must like cool temps cause there's no warmth up here yet

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