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3/16/2015 10:27 pm  #1

Palm Tree Move


I moved this needle palm from my rental home in Issaquah to Aberdeen this last weekend. I planted this as a one gallon plant spring of 2003. It has put on some size since planting. Issaquah is much warmer than Aberdeen and it was planted by a curb on an asphalt driveway.
The guy who helped me dig this up and I both got stung several times by the long, very thin needles that break their tip off when inpaled in your flesh. I called it stung because it felt like a bee sting. Both of us were pulling needles out days later.
When I got it to Aberdeen I was able to drop it from the tailgate of my pickup into a two wheeled garden cart, hauled it to the spot I made ready for it. I dragged the 150 pound root ball and plant out of the cart into its hole. Because the soil at this spot is heavy clay, I didn't plant it level with the soil, but gave it a raised bed putting compost around the root ball. I only got stung once in the planting process.
Aberdeen isn't as warm as Issaquah because of the cool ocean air so it might sulk but I wasn't going to leave it behind.


3/16/2015 10:41 pm  #2

Re: Palm Tree Move

sounds like hard work indeed to save your plant and then you get "stung" by the plant for all your efforts!!! hopefully all will be well and the plant will continue to look as nice as it does right now.  that said, if it's new home is cooler than it's old digs, is this the warmest spot you have available to put it in---sounds like a south wall might be optimal (assuming that you have such a place available and you would be willing to do the dig and get stung thing AGAIN).  in any case, good luck to you and your plant.

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3/18/2015 3:41 pm  #3

Re: Palm Tree Move

I wouldn't have left that behind either, despite the difficulties of moving it.  I think there's a good chance it will do just fine.  For one thing you are starting with a large plant.  Also I am recalling that Jim Gerdemann succeeded in growing it in Yachats, which if anything is a little cooler and wetter than Aberdeen being right on the immediate coast.  In fact I suspect the one he planted is still there.  Nice plant; you'll have to keep us posted!

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3/21/2015 8:34 am  #4

Re: Palm Tree Move

Thanks guys for the positive response.
I picked this spot since it is the easiest spot on my lot to get the needle palm to that has the most sun light for the longest time. It gets sunlight from when the sun pops up over the Cascades and the Willipa hills until about 3 PM when the large conifers to my west block it. The one bad thing about this spot is that it is subjected to hurricance force winds coming off the ocean from the Southwest, but I think this palm can handle them unlike some of the other plants I have in this area.

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