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3/27/2015 1:29 pm  #1


Trying to post several pictures at once to see if it will work now that I have posted 10 times.
First one I planted...

2nd one...

the last one...

All the following ones were planted pretty much at the same time...
this one is in the shade all morning


A double...



Now a picture of these last 2 side by side
Planted at the same time... they obviously do not grow at the same speed !


3/27/2015 4:29 pm  #2

Re: Butiagrus

Wow, those are nice!  How long have you had them?  From seedlings?  How old?  Details please!

Zone 6a, 20 miles SE of Pittsburgh
Previous gardens in Dubois, Pa, Walnut Creek, CA, and Lancaster, NY
Other gardening interests: Edibles, attracting hummingbirds and butterflies, and deer resistant, variegated and fragrant plants

3/27/2015 6:34 pm  #3

Re: Butiagrus

They are beautiful..each one has a different personality.  So graceful around your home.  They don't look impacted from winter.   Great job, Lisa!   What about your jub hybrids?


3/27/2015 8:58 pm  #4

Re: Butiagrus

Brad - Pittsburgh wrote:

Wow, those are nice!  How long have you had them?  From seedlings?  How old?  Details please!

Brad the very first one I planted around 2009. I bought that one from a lady in FL. I was afraid if I was going to keep it in VA I would loose it. So, as soon as we bought the land I planted it. It has been a slow grower compared to all others.
The last one I grew from seeds. I got 2-1 gal from Dr Wilcox ( 1 died) and the others (including the double) I got them as 3 gallons from Brooksville in October 2009 (one of them was the double).
The house was built in 2010 and I started my plantings then. 
The gutters on this house are at 12 feet if that can give you an idea of how tall they are. Fun palms to watch growing !

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3/27/2015 9:08 pm  #5

Re: Butiagrus

Cindy NC wrote:

They are beautiful..each one has a different personality. So graceful around your home. They don't look impacted from winter. Great job, Lisa! What about your jub hybrids?

Cindy, yes they all look different. If I am not mistaken, on my picture of 2, the one on the right will be a monster in years to come.
The fronds did burn some in the previous winter but nothing major.
I did another update about all other palms that I am growing, including some hybrids, after the butias post...
on the old HP forum... have you seen it  ? It is probably on page 2 now. Take a look when you have time. Thanks Cindy.

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10/12/2015 5:49 pm  #6

Re: Butiagrus

Beautiful specimens!


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