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4/03/2015 8:00 pm  #1

Q: Why do gardeners in colder zone love Musa basjoo so much?

A: Because it is awesome. That's why.  
Mine woke up and broke the surface by the middle of March in a Zone 7. 

It's not even on a south wall where it gets really warm. That spot faces ESE and doesn't get any afternoon sun at all.  
On the other hand here is my Black Thai banana as of today. 

Yep it looks to be dead. I'm pretty disappointed since our lowest temp was 12F and it was in a cage with leaves. When I took the leaf cage off a couple of weeks ago it looked pretty mushy, but I thought I would give it some time. Today I cut it down to about ground level hoping to find some living tissue. Oh well, you win some and you lose some. If it isn't hardy enough to handle what it took this winter, it probably isn't a great option for this area.


4/06/2015 6:23 pm  #2

Re: Q: Why do gardeners in colder zone love Musa basjoo so much?

I lost my Black Thai (and it stayed small...never really took off) but yours might make it.  Don't worry about the old pseudostem.  I have Sikkimensis that comes back from the ground every year but the pseudostems never make it (unless they are really small).  Besides, if they are really big the growing point is far above the ground so unless you keep the top alive then you always lose those tall pseudostems.  Hopefully you have enough of a corm to send up some new pups.  If the corm is big enough the pups will grow very fast.


4/06/2015 9:03 pm  #3

Re: Q: Why do gardeners in colder zone love Musa basjoo so much?

Gosh hope you are right Rob. I'd love to have it come back. It was lightning fast. I don't have tons of banana experience yet, so I'll take your word for it and keep an eye out for a while for new growth.

On a little bit different topic, have you ever gotten your musa basjoos or siam rubies to fruit? I don't know if I should expect any fruit on basjoos that stay in the ground since they will be dying back each year, but I have been potting up some of my siam rubies each fall and keeping them in the house in pots. I usually bring in smaller pups, but I don't know how long they would take to fruit or if I could ever really expect that. I've never seen anyone post pics of siam ruby fruit.

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7/08/2015 7:58 pm  #4

Re: Q: Why do gardeners in colder zone love Musa basjoo so much?

Ok guys, here is a few little known facts about the Basjoo banana and all Banana plants:

First, it will not come back after it flowers. And if you cut it back and the center was solid (as in no rings like ther outer perimeter of the stalk has) then is was most likely flowering, but it did not have time to show it. Thus the plant will still die.
Second, the suckers can pop up as late as June, so be patient.
Third, My muso Basjoo has flowered almost every year after the second season up here in PA, so it will flower in the ground, just remember to fertilize it alot. And winter protection with  hay/Straw in a cage and tarp will do fine.

This past winter killedmy banana plants cold, and they were not protected at ALL!! They still produced suckers and are coming back strong. I can't kill there plants if I tried!!!!

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