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3/21/2015 5:58 pm  #1

Robert Young phyllostachys.....

Anyone want live culms or even cut culms?   You would need to come get them, however...Apex,NC    FREE

Also have black bamboo.

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3/22/2015 1:04 pm  #2

Re: Robert Young phyllostachys.....

Wish I lived close.
bamboo can be quite costly


4/03/2015 9:38 pm  #3

Re: Robert Young phyllostachys.....

It's one of my favorites.  I might eventually prefer P. vivax 'Auriocallus' but so far I think I prefer my P. viridis 'Robert Young'.  It has really nice large culms quickly and seems not to run as badly.  Meanwhile my P. viridis 'Auriocallus' tends to get mildewy in the spring (and got cold damage last winter while 'Robert Young' did not).


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