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1/06/2017 1:56 pm  #1

Does anybody know if palm trees grow in Tennessee?

My name is Rhonda and I have lived in Tennessee nearly most of my life, since growing up and moving out of Germany. I have a neighbor who has some palm trees in the ground outdoors on the side and back of his yard. 

I couldn't help but notice when looking up online coming across this well articulated young man, who has claimed he has been successfully overwintering them for many years in MISSOURI! He just posted a video online, after weeding through what seemed like thousands of his videos. I just clicked this one, since it seemed much too overwhelming for me to watch much more than a 2 hour plus segment on palm trees. But I found this too hilarious not to share, since I came across this group after seeing his website and thought to join and ask if anyone know who in the world this guy is. Has anyone ever heard of him or is he in this group?

I LOVE PALM TREES And I can't wait to try to grow them here in Knoxville, is it truly possible like this Harvard plant researcher guy says so? Found this on his page, he is a nut job, isn't he?
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1/19/2017 2:54 pm  #2

Re: Does anybody know if palm trees grow in Tennessee?

yes they do.  ive seen windmill palms in memphis and i might recall a sabal minor in a theme park.  just wrap them with burlap and christmas lights they should do fine.  the palms that do well, include most trachycarpys windmill palms, sabal minor, sabal palmetto, and the hardiest, the needle palm


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